TF-102A 54-1365

Was delivered to the 32nd at Wheelus AB, Lybia, on 23 August 1960. On 12 September 1960 the aircraft flown by 1st Lt. Richard V. Jamieson was heavily damaged during landing at Wheelus AB. The aircraft was repaired and was flown to Soesterberg almost one year later.

Arrived at Soesterberg AB on 8 September 1961.

Left 32nd on 13 December 1963 to the 496th FIS, Hahn AB, Germany, where it kept the 32nd colors until 16 April 1964 when it was delivered to the 190th FIS/2124th FIG from the Idaha ANG at Boise.

Went to MASDC as FJ298 on 1 August 1974. Departed 9 September 1985 to be a target on the Peterson AFB Range, CO.