Soesterberg AB Movements


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5883007-08-1984C-160F TransallFAF61-ZI 91
5882407-08-1984Dassault Mirage F.1CFAF12-KH 55EC 2/12
5882507-08-1984Dassault Mirage F.1CFAF12-KI 42EC 2/12
5882607-08-1984Dassault Mirage F.1CFAF12-KJ 71EC 2/12
5882307-08-1984Dassault Mirage F.1CFAF12-YF 248EC 1/12
5882707-08-1984F-4F Phantom IIGAF37+67JG-71
5882807-08-1984F-4F Phantom IIGAF38+67JG-71
5883107-08-1984Alouette IIGAM75+32
5883207-08-1984CH-53G Sea StallionGAM85+06
5883307-08-1984Aermacchi MB-339AItAFmm 54503-51- Departed 09 Aug
5883407-08-1984Aermacchi MB-339AItAFmm 54509-57- Departed 09 Aug
5881707-08-1984Bolkov BO-105CRNLAFB-77299 Sqn
5882907-08-1984F-16A Fighting FalconRNLAFJ-238TCA
5881807-08-1984P-3C II OrionRNN301 V320 Sqn
5882007-08-1984F-16A Fighting FalconUSAFTJ 82-946401 TFW, 613 TFS
5881907-08-1984F-16A Fighting FalconUSAFTJ 83-066401 TFW, 612 TFS
5882107-08-1984F-5E TigerUSAF01545527 TFTAS
5882207-08-1984F-5E TigerUSAF01547527 TFTAS