Soesterberg AB Movements


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4551804-11-1976CC-130E HerculesRCAF130329
4551604-11-1976F-104G StarfighterRDAFR-347723 Esk
4551704-11-1976F-104G StarfighterRDAFR-753723 Esk
4551504-11-1976F-104G StarfighterRNLAFD-8115323 Sqn
4550804-11-1976F-4E Phantom IIUSAFCR 74-04132 TFS
4550904-11-1976F-4E Phantom IIUSAFCR 74-04732 TFS
4551004-11-1976F-4E Phantom IIUSAFCR 74-04832 TFS
4551104-11-1976F-4E Phantom IIUSAFCR 74-04932 TFS
4551204-11-1976F-4E Phantom IIUSAFCR 74-05032 TFS
4551304-11-1976F-4E Phantom IIUSAFCR 74-05132 TFS
4551404-11-1976F-4E Phantom IIUSAFCR 74-05532 TFS
4550404-11-1976F-4E Phantom IIUSAFCR 74-65432 TFS
4550504-11-1976F-4E Phantom IIUSAFCR 74-65732 TFS
4550604-11-1976F-4E Phantom IIUSAFCR 74-66332 TFS
4550704-11-1976F-4E Phantom IIUSAFCR 74-66432 TFS