Soesterberg AB Movements


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3787403-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFA-208300 SqnOpen House, flying
3788703-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFA-217Open House, flying
3788803-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFA-246 Open House, flying
3788903-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFA-253 Open House, flying
3789003-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFA-261Open House, flying
3789103-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFA-281Open House, flying
3789203-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFA-343Open House, flying
3789303-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFA-374Open House, flying
3789403-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFA-383Open House, flying
3789503-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFA-391Open House, flying
3789603-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFA-398Open House, flying
3789703-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFA-406 Open House, flying
3786603-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFA-407 Open House, flying
3787503-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFA-494300 SqnOpen House, flying
3787603-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFA-529300 SqnOpen House, flying
3787703-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFA-549300 SqnOpen House, flying
3786903-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFH-75 Open House, else on the base
3789803-06-1972Alouette IIIRNLAFH-81Open House, else on the base
3787903-06-1972F-104G StarfighterRNLAFD-8098322/323 SqnOpen House, else on the base
3788003-06-1972F-104G StarfighterRNLAFD-8286322/323 SqnOpen House, static
3788203-06-1972Fokker F27M FriendshipRNLAFC-10334 SqnOpen House, else on the base
3788303-06-1972Fokker F27M FriendshipRNLAFC-6 334 SqnOpen House, else on the base
3788403-06-1972Fokker F27M FriendshipRNLAFC-7 334 SqnOpen House, else on the base
3788503-06-1972Fokker F27M FriendshipRNLAFC-8334 SqnOpen House, static
3786703-06-1972Fokker S.11RNLAFE-11 Open House, else on the base
3786803-06-1972Fokker S.11RNLAFE-9 Open House, static
3787103-06-1972L-21B Piper Super CubRNLAFR-158 Open House, static
3787203-06-1972L-21B Piper Super CubRNLAFR-184 Open House, else on the base
3787003-06-1972NF-5A Freedom FighterRNLAFK-3068 Open House, static
3787803-06-1972NF-5B Freedom FighterRNLAFK-4011316 SqnOpen House, else on the base
3788103-06-1972U-6A BeaverRNLAFS-8322/323 SqnOpen House, else on the base
3786403-06-1972AH-12A WaspRNN238 K Open House, static
3786303-06-1972Augusta Bell (I)UH-1ARNN221 V Open House, else on the base
3786103-06-1972Grumann US-2N TrackerRNN168 V Open House, static
3786503-06-1972SP-13A AtlanticRNN253 V Open House, static
3786203-06-1972SP-2H NeptuneRNN201 V Open House, else on the base
3787303-06-1972F-111E AardvarkUSAFJS 68-08320 TFW, 55 TFSOpen House, flying
3788603-06-1972F-4C Phantom IIUSAFZS 63-074186 TFW, 81 TFSOpen House, flying