Soesterberg AB Movements


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6646124-02-1970Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7CivilPH-NLH
3245324-02-1970Fokker F27M FriendshipRNLAFC-7334 Sq
3245424-02-1970NF-5B Freedom FighterRNLAFK-4001first visit of NF-5 to Soesterberg
3245524-02-1970NF-5B Freedom FighterRNLAFK-4005first visit of NF-5 to Soesterberg
3245624-02-1970NF-5B Freedom FighterRNLAFK-4006first visit of NF-5 to Soesterberg
3245724-02-1970T-33A Shooting StarRNLAFM-2
3245824-02-1970T-33A Shooting StarRNLAFM-21
3245924-02-1970T-33A Shooting StarRNLAFM-44
3246124-02-1970U-6A BeaverRNLAFS-3
3246224-02-1970U-6A BeaverRNLAFS-7
3244724-02-1970F-4E Phantom IIUSAF8040532 TFS
3244824-02-1970F-4E Phantom IIUSAF8042632 TFS
3244924-02-1970F-4E Phantom IIUSAF8043832 TFS
3245024-02-1970F-4E Phantom IIUSAF8044432 TFS
3245124-02-1970F-4E Phantom IIUSAF8044532 TFS
3245224-02-1970F-4E Phantom IIUSAF8044732 TFS
3246024-02-1970T-29B SamaritanUSAFO-1516926 TRW
3244624-02-1970T-39A SabrelinerUSAF2447726 TRW