Soesterberg AB Movements


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3230003-02-1970Fokker F27M FriendshipRNLAFC-12334 Sq
3230103-02-1970Fokker F27M FriendshipRNLAFC-4334 Sq
3230203-02-1970T-33A Shooting StarRNLAFM-11
3230303-02-1970T-33A Shooting StarRNLAFM-2
3230403-02-1970T-33A Shooting StarRNLAFM-21
3230503-02-1970T-33A Shooting StarRNLAFM-43
3230603-02-1970T-33A Shooting StarRNLAFM-44
3230703-02-1970U-6A BeaverRNLAFS-6
3229103-02-1970F-5A Freedom FighterRNoAF10567 AH-A
3229203-02-1970F-5A Freedom FighterRNoAF10568 AH-B
3229303-02-1970F-4E Phantom IIUSAF8040132 TFS
3229403-02-1970F-4E Phantom IIUSAF8041132 TFS
3229503-02-1970F-4E Phantom IIUSAF8043832 TFS
3229603-02-1970F-4E Phantom IIUSAF8044032 TFS
3229703-02-1970F-4E Phantom IIUSAF8044232 TFS
3229803-02-1970F-4E Phantom IIUSAF8044332 TFS
3229903-02-1970F-4E Phantom IIUSAF8044432 TFS