F-4E 69-0263

Arrived at Leeuwarden AB, The Netherlands on 11 September 1973 due to runway reconstruction at Soesterberg. Official delivery date according to the AFHRA records is 18 October 1973.

The aircraft was first assigned to the 50th TFW at Hahn AB, Germany, later to the 86th TFW at Ramstein, Germany, and after that to the 401st TFW at Torrejon AB, Spain. It was leased as 3-684 to the Imperial Iranian Air Force from August 1972 until January 1973.

Left 32nd on 9 December 1974 to the 36th TFW at Bitburg AB, Germany.

In 1978 it moved to the 50th TFW at Hahn AB again.

Later in 1978 to the 35th TFW at George AFB. In March 1981 is was upgraded to F-4G.

In 1989 it moved to the 37th TFW.

From 1991 until 1993 it served with the 81st TFS/52nd TFW at Spangdahlem AB, Germany.

In 1995 it moved to the 561st FS/57th Wing at Nellis AFB.

To AMARC as FP1013 on 1 November 1996.

To Tracor, Mojave, CA on 12 December 1997. To QF-4G drone AF181.

To Tyndall AFB. Expended in missile test 10 December 1998.