F-4E 69-0249

Arrived at Soesterberg on 19 March 1974 from the 86th TFW at Ramstein AB, Germany. Official delivery date according to the AFHRA records is 18 March 1974.

Left 32nd on 25 November 1974 to Bitburg AB, Germany.

In 1985 to the 68th TFS/347th TFW at Moody AFB.

In 1991 upgraded to F-4G and moved to the 90th TFS/3rd TFW at Clark AB, Philippines.

In 1995 it moved to the 190th TFS of the Idaho ANG.

To AMARC as FP1029 on 25 March 1996.

To Tracor, Mojave, CA on 18 June 1997.

To Tyndall AFB as QF-4G drone AF163. Expended in missile test on 1 September 1999.