F-4E 68-0408

Arrived at Soesterberg on 3 March 1970 from the 401st TFW at Torrejon AB, Spain. Official delivery date according to the AFHRA records is 2 March 1970.

Left 32nd on 27 January 1975 to Getafe AB.

After maintenance at Getafe AB the aircraft moved to the 36th TFW at Bitburg AB, Germany. After that to the 496th TFS/50th TFW at Hahn AB, Germany. And in 1984 to 512th TFS/86th TFW at Ramstein AB, also in Germany.

In 1991 transferred to the 163rd TFS of the Indiana ANG.

On 1 November 1991 to the Hellenic Air Force. In 1992 served with 338 Mira and from 1993 on with 339 Mira.

The aircraft was noted to be stored at Agrinion AB in September 2005.