F-15A 77-0074

Arrived at Soesterberg on 13 September 1978 on its first assignment. This was the first F-15A for the 32nd TFS to arrive at Soesterberg. It flew across the Atlantic together with F-15As from the 1st TFW, that took over the air defense role of 32nd TFS during the unit’s transition from the F-4E to the F-15A.

Left the 32nd on 11 July 1980 to the 49th TFW at Holloman AFB.

In October 1982 at Nellis AFB, coded WA.

In 2006 with the 199th FS/154th FW of the Hawaii ANG at Hickam AFB.

To AMARC as FH0238 on 23 September 2009.