F-102A 56-1032

Delivered to the 32nd at Wheelus AB, Lybia, on 3 September 1960.

Arrived at Soesterberg AB on 17 December 1960.

Left the 32nd on 10 January 1964 to the 525th FIS at Bitburg AB, Germany.

Returned to Soesterberg at 5 September 1964.

Left the 32nd again on 3 July 1969 to the 132nd FIS of the Maine ANG.

Afterwards went to 159th FIS, 125th FIG, Florida ANG.

To MASDC from 140th FIS/112th FIG, Greater Pittsburgh IAP, PA as FJ322 on 10 September 1974.

Sold to Sperry Flight Systems, Litchfield Park, AZ on 3 May 1979. Converted to QF-102A To ADWC, Tyndall AFB, FL. Converted to PQM-102B.

Crashed on landing at Tyndall AFB, Florida on 14 November 1979 after completing two drone sorties.