F-102A 56-0993

Delivered to the 32nd at Wheelus AB, Lybia, on 30 September 1960.

Arrived at Soesterberg AB on 17 December 1960.

Went to the Washington ANG 116th FIS. Later to the South Carolina ANG 157th FIS/169th FIG at McEntire AFB, SC.

To MASDC as FJ347 Dec 4, 1974. Sold to Sperry Flight Systems, Litchfield Park, AZ on 2 November 1978. Converted to QF-102A, later to ADWC, Tyndall AFB, FL and converted PQM-102B (717).

Shot down 29 January 1981 over the Gulf of Mexico in a missile test flight from Tyndall AFB, FL after completing three drone sorties.