F-102A 56-0986

Delivered to the 32nd at Wheelus AB, Lybia, on 17 November 1960.

Arrived at Soesterberg AB on 19 December 1960.

Left 32nd on 2 July 1969 to the 132nd FIS.

From 1969 to 1971 in service with the Florida ANG 159th FIS.

In May 1971 it was dropped from inventory by transfer to museum status. Was preserved at the Florida Aviation Museum at Clearwater APT, FL.

Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater evicted the Florida Aviation Museum at the airport for expansion of its facilities. The owner of the museum transported it to the field/swamp outside Winter Haven.

It was recovered in November 2004 and now at Military Aviation Preservation Society Air Museum, Akron-Canton Regional Airport, Green, OH.