This is an overview of accidents that happened with aircraft based at Soesterberg at the time of the accident or accidents that happened at Soesterberg AB.

20 September 1951Spitfire RNLAF (H-97)
20 February 1952Meteor RNLAF (I-58)
23 May 1952Meteor RNLAF (I-150)
10 July 1952Two Meteors RNLAF (I-135 and I-136)
22 July 1952Meteor RNLAF (I-93)
18 September 1952Meteor RNLAF (I-138)
3 October 1952Meteor RNLAF (I-161)
4 December 1952Two Meteors RNLAF (I-143 and I-165)
16 July 1953Meteor RNLAF (I-173)
17 March 1954Meteor RNLAF (I-301)
11 April 1956Meteor RNLAF (I-3)
29 June 1956F-86K Sabre RNLAF (Q-264)
21 September 1956Meteor RNLAF (I-171)
1 October 1956F-100C USAF (54-1988)
20 November 1956F-100C USAF (54-1965)
4 February 1957Meteor RNLAF (I-93)
28 May 1957F-100C USAF (54-1923)
23 July 1957F-100C USAF (54-2029)
9 August 1957F-100C USAF (54-1952)
18 October 1957F-100C USAF (54-1938)
14 November 1957F-100C USAF (54-2016)
29 January 1958F-86K Sabre RNLAF (Q-269)
6 March 1958Hawker Hunter RNLAF (N-168)
2 May 1958Meteor RNLAF (I-20)
9 May 1958Hawker Hunter RNLAF (N-146)
23 May 1958Hawker Hunter RNLAF (N-149)
27 September 1958T-33 USAF (29864)
19 November 1958F-86K Sabre RNLAF (Q-257)
3 December 1958Two F-100C’s USAF (54-1861 and 54-1865)
15 December 1958RF-84F Royal Norwegian AF (T3-C 51-17049)
15 December 1958Harvard T-6 RNLAF (B-115)
2 January 1959F-86K Sabre RNLAF (Q-322)
20 February 1959Hawker Hunter RNLAF (N-239)
26 October 1959F-100C USAF (54-1884)
28 January 1960Two RF-84Fs RNLAF (P-19 and P-20)
6 December 1960Two Hawker Hunters RNLAF (N-249 and N-254)
13 April 1961Hawker Hunter RNLAF (N-260)
25 September 1961F-102A USAF (56-1021)
12 December 1962F-102A USAF (56-0973)
28 May 1964Fokker S-14 RNLAF (L-7)
29 July 1964Hawker Hunter RNLAF (N-280)
25 August 1964Harvard T-6 RNLAF (B-183)

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