9 August 1957 – F-100C

While on a training mission at Wheelus AB, Lybia, F-100C with serial number 54-1952 of the 32nd crashed and was written of on 9 August 1957 after an aborted takeoff.

At 10:30 local time the F-100C prepared for take-off for a tow mission at the gunnery range. After attaching the tow target the aircraft took off. During the take-off pilot 1st Lt. Jack Cebe-Habersky saw his forward fire warning light turn on. He immediately decided to abort his take off, released his drag chute and started braking. Due to miscommunication the pilot thought that he also had a flat tire and released the brakes, because braking would make the F-100 unsteerable. He headed for the barrier but crashed through it because the speed was too high. The aircraft continued at the end of the runway. Crossed a road and a ditch, went through a fence and crossed a railway before coming to a stop.

Lt. Cebe-Habersky got out unharmed, the F-100 was written off.

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