5 July 1958 – Airshow

On Saturday 5 July 1958 Soesterberg AB hosted a large airshow to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

The event draw the entire Dutch Royal family, together with approximately 250.000 people to Soesterberg AB. The weather conditions were not as good as hoped for. Low clouds were the reason that the fly-past of approximately 130 aircraft was no success and that some of the acrobatic teams had to perform a less spectacular show than was planned.

One of the highlights were the fly-by’s from some huge RAF planes. The Avro Vulcan, the Vickers Vaillant and the Blackburn B-101 Beverly. The final chord was for a B-52 that made a fly-by after coming directly from the US.

See the participating aircraft in the Movements database.

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