3 December 1958 – F-100Cs

On Wednesday 3 December two F-100Cs with serial 54-1861 and 54-1865 crashed close to each other near Wheelus AB, Lybia.
The 54-1861 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. Moments later the 54-1865 crashed on the Lybia coast.
Earlier this 3rd of December four F-100Cs from the 32nd left Soesterberg AB left for a flight to Wheelus AB, Lybia. The F-100’s had a late take-off due to the snow that covered the runway at Soesterberg. Around four in the afternoon the F-100s took off. Two two-ship flghts went for the 1200 NM to Wheelus AB. The flight would take approximately 3 hours. Due to incorrect navigation orders given by Farnsworth’s GCI operators and inexperienced pilots with night flying the first two-ship got lost over the Mediterranean Sea.
The 54-1861 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea, 85 NM N.E. of Wheelus AB, Lybia. Pilot Lt. Lt. Harry E. Higgings landed with his parachute in the Mediterranean and survived for almost 2 days before being picked up a SA-16 Albatross rescue plane.
The 54-1865 managed to reach Lybia coast . Pilot Capt. Don H. Brandy, bailed out and landed unharmed with his parachute.

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Deventer Dagblad, 5 December 1958
Algemeen Dagblad, 8 December 1958