3 December 1958 – F-100C´s

On Wednesday 3 December two F-100C´s with serial 54-1861 and 54-1865 crashed close to each other near Wheelus AB, Lybia.
The 54-1861 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. Moments later the 54-1865 crashed on the Lybia coast.
Earlier this 3rd of December four F-100C’s from the 32nd left Soesterberg AB left for a flight to Wheelus AB, Lybia. The F-100’s had a late take-off due to the snow that covered the runway at Soesterberg. Around four in the afternoon the F-100’s took off. Two two-ship flghts went for the 1200 NM to Wheelus AB. The flight would take approximately 3 hours. Due to incorrect navigation orders given by Farnsworth’s GCI operators and inexperienced pilots with night flying the first two-ship got lost over the Mediterranean Sea and both ran out of fuel,
The 54-1861 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea, 85 NM N.E. of Wheelus AB, Lybia. Pilot Lt. Lt. Harry E. Higgings landed with his parachute in the Mediterranean Sea and survived for almost 2 days before being picked up a SA-16 Albatross rescue plane.
The 54-1865 managed to reach Lybia coast . Pilot Capt. Don D. Brandy, bailed out and landed unharmed with his parachute.

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Deventer Dagblad, 5 December 1958
Algemeen Dagblad, 8 December 1958