28 May 1957 – F-100C

On Tuesday 28 May 1957 around 2:30 in the afternoon the F-100C with serial 54-1923 from the 32nd crashed on the grounds of the “Willem Arndshoeve” in the city of Den Dolder.

The aircraft returned to Soesterberg AB together with another F-100C after a standard navigational training mission. After the landing of the first aircraft the 54-1923 made a normal but slow turn toward the airfield. Suddenly the aircraft made a sharp turn to the right and appeared to stall.

The aircraft crashed near buildings of a mental institution in Den Dolder where it missed a building. First Lt. Alan N. Rea who flew his seventh mission in a F-100 was unable to use his ejection seat and was killed in the crash.

Read the Official Accident Report

Nieuwsblad van het Noorden 29 May 1957
Twentsch Dagblad Tubantia
28 May 1957