20 February 1959 – Hunter

On 20 February 1959 at around 10 in the morning a Hawker Hunter F.Mk.6 from the Royal Netherlands Air Force with serial N-239 (3W-11) took off from Soesterberg AB.
Right after take-off the aircraft had a flame-out. after which pilot Sgt. Hogenbirk made a 180 degrees turn to get the aircraft safely back on the runway. Unfortunately the speed was too low which caused the aircraft to crash in the garden of a house approximately 100 meters from the runway.
Pilot Sgt. Hogenbirk got off the aircraft with minor burns and a sprained ankle, the Hunter was written off.

Nederlands Instituut voor Militaire Historie
Volkskrant 21 January 1959
Nijmeegs Dagblad 21 January 1959
Dagblad voor Noord Limburg 21 January 1959