18 October 1957 – F-100C

A F-100C from the 32nd with serial number 54-1938 crashed into the IJsselmeer.

Around noon, pilot 1st Lt. Rezk M. Mohamed lost control of his aircraft near the city of Sneek. Over the IJsselmeer he was forced to use his ejection seat.

The F-100 crashed into the IJsselmeer and was destroyed. Lt. Mohamed was picked up by a rescue helicopter of the Royal Dutch Navy.

This was the second of three accidents Lt. Mohamed was involved in during his stay as a F-100 pilot of the 32nd. His first accident was on 1 October 1956 when he had to bail out his F-100 near the city of Oosterhout. His third accident was on 14 November 1957 when Lt. Mohameds F-100 crashed onto barracks in the city of Bussum.

Read the Official Accident Report

Nieuwsblad van het Noorden 18 October 1957