15 December 1958 – RF-84F

A RF-84F Thunderflash from the Royal Norwegian Air Force with serial T3-C51-17049 crashed on Soesterberg AB this afternoon.
A tumultuous start of the week at Soesterberg AB with two crashes at one day.
Around 1:30 in the afternoon a Norwegian RF-84F Thunderflash was coming in for a planned fuel stop at Soesterberg AB. Unfortunately it’s landing speed was too high and the Thunderflash ended up in the barrier at the end of the runway. Pilot Lt. Gröteland had a head injury and was taken to a hospital in Utrecht. The other crew member managed to get out unharmed. The Thunderflash was severly damaged and was written off.
Later that day another accident took place with a Harvard of the Royal Netherlands Air Force which ended up on its belly during take-off.

Nederlands Instituut voor Militaire Historie
Algemeen Handelsblad 16 December 1958
Algemeen Dagblad 16 December 1958