1 October 1956 – F-100C

On 1 October 1956 a 32nd F-100C with serial 54-1988 crashed in a canal near the city of Oosterhout.

After performing a mission the aircraft was on its way back to Soesterberg in four ship formation. Suddenly the aircraft became uncontrollable. Pilot Lt. Moses Reek Mohammed tried to get the aircraft in control again, but ejected as soon as he noticed the plane was going to crash. He landed safely in a wood near Oosterhout.

The plane crashed in the Wilhelmina canal only a few hundred meters from a secondary school. Fortunately nobody was hurt.

This was the first of three accidents Lt. Mohamed was involved in during his stay as a F-100 pilot of the 32nd.
His second accident was on 18 October 1957 when Lt. Mohamed jumped out of his F-100 above the IJsselmeer.
His third accident was on 14 November 1957 when Lt. Mohameds F-100 crashed onto barracks in the city of Bussum.

Read the Official Accident Report

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