1 July 1963 – Flypast

1963 marked the 50th anniversary of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. This was celebrated with airshows on all of the major Dutch air bases like Woensdrecht, Eindhoven, Volkel, Twenthe, Gilze-Rijen, Leeuwarden, Ypenburg, and on 19 June Soesterberg Air Base.

The official celebration however was held on a very rainy Monday 1st of July 1963. In the presence of Queen Juliana and thousands of spectators, the Royal Netherlands Air Force showed its equipment and skills on the ground and in the air. The air part of the event was a flypast of no less than 170 planes, all split up by type. There were -for example- formations of 36 F-84s, 24 Hunters, 12 F-104s and 12 F-102s.

See the participating aircraft in the Movements database.

Nieuwe Eindhovense Courant, 2 July 1963
Parool, 2 July 1963
Twentsch Dagblab Tubantia, 2 July 1963