In the almost 100 years of existence of Soesterberg Air Base, thousands of missions were flown from and to this air base. This website provides insight into a large part of these flight movements from 1951 to 2008.

Soesterberg Air Base was the cradle of military aviation in the Netherlands. In 1913, the Aviation Department of the Dutch army made its first flights from what was then still a moorland. During the Second World War, the German Luftwaffe occupied the field and during the Cold War a US Air Force squadron was stationed at the base to protect Dutch airspace against intruders. Due to defense cuts, the base was closed and defunct in November 2008.

Soesterberg Air Base was an important part of the military history of the Netherlands. We believe it is important for historical awareness that information about flight movements is preserved. You can request information about this in various ways via the search engine.

We realize that this site is not complete. If you have additions in the form of movements or corrections, please let us know. You can submit your information via info@reccereports.com.

Many thanks to Hans Ragay!
The website soesterbergmovements.reccereports.com is a continuation of the website sberg-movements.nl, which was managed by Hans Ragay. The website contained the movements of aircraft and helicopters at Soesterberg Air Base from the 1950s to the 1980s. The idea to bring these movements together arose during a reunion in 1994 of Soesterberg spotters who were active near the fence of the airbase in the 1960s. The spotters’ individual observations were also linked to as many photos as possible. Hans Ragay has managed the website for many years and has continued to expand the website. Because Hans wants to focus on other projects, he asked the gentlemen of Recce Reports if they would like to continue the website. And yes, they do want that: this part of the history of Soesterberg Air Base must be preserved for posterity. Our thanks go to Hans Ragay for his tireless efforts to keep the website up and running in recent years and to further expand it.

The former website sberg-movements.nl

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05-04-2024 On 28 January 1960 two RF-84Fs collided at Soesterberg AB
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18-03-2024 On 2 January 1959 a Dutch F-86K crashed on a coal storage in Huis ter Heide
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